An Interactive Interview with Alddo Molinar: An Anesthesia Medical Director

Alddo is an anesthesiologist living and working in Ohio in two prominent medical facilities. However, is a Texas native, and the eldest in a family of two Mexicans living in America. Alddo Molinar became the first individual in their entire family to relocate to America where he exploited several opportunities. Alddo Molinar’s dream to become a doctor began at a tender age because he earned the relevant skills early on in life. Unlike his friends, Alddo Molinar accomplished a majority of his milestones faster. 


Therefore, this aptitude enabled him to handle more complicated projects because he opened up appliances and then reassembled them to demonstrate his understanding of how they worked. This mechanical aptitude was fueled more by the sudden loss of his grandparents to deadly cancer. Thus, Alddo Molnar dedicated his efforts to a medical college where he earned more skills that eased suffering and pain in others. He moved to the Dallas-bound Texas University to advance his medical studies. 


Critical Care Medicine Expert


Later, he joined Cleveland Clinic for his residency program where he experienced the most qualitative training. At the clinic, Alddo Molinar met the love of his life, who he got married to after courtship over the residency period. The two have three kids, and he believes that they are his support system because of the love they show him. Alddo Molinar contemplates his encounters and confirms that whatever he thought was the dead-end became a continuous experience. The journey is inspired by certain values he accrued at a tender age. 


He also uses them to become a better individual. Alddo Molinar says that his parents can confirm his passion for a medical career that he developed at five years of age. The insidious death of his loved ones helped his dream gel more. He says that his grandmother did not have to suffer all that because cancer took away her vigor and strength. Regardless of all that suffering, she upheld her religious beliefs and even became Alddo Molinar´s inspiration because of how she endured. Molinar just watched her suffer but vowed to resolve the problem for other people in the future.