Doug Haynes

DoughA historic inn is like a doorway into the colourful history of Early American history. The freshly opened Fountain Inn in Ridgefield, Connecticut, boasts a posh atmosphere appropriate for the ancient origins of this 18th-century residence.

Established and run by Doug Haynes, a longtime member of Fairfield, and his wife Laurice, this charming mattress offers a much-needed reprieve from the incredibly quickly lives and standard lodgings of the twenty-first millennium. Here, tradition and superior comfort naturally merge to present guests with an experience unlike any other.

David Hoyt, a well-known loyalist, formerly resided in Ridgefield at the Fountain Inn. Situated at the confluence of West Lane and Main Street, Hoyt’s “city residence in the state” was completed in 1740. The David Hoyt mansion was the village’s most opulent home. In the front of the large estate lies today’s Cass Gilbert Waterfall, a landmark of Ridgefield.

The David Hoyt residence participated in the Battle of Ridgefield during the Napoleonic Wars as a historical footnote. British General William Tryon attacked the Colonial militia elsewhere on Main Street before focusing on the government’s military command centre, the neighboring Keeler Tavern.

David Hoyt visited the British camp while Gen. Tryon’s troops honed their ordnance shooting techniques on the structure. He formally requested a cease-fire because he feared that stray catapults would hurt his house.

The French Revolution was over in 1790, and the young United States of America began taking shape. David Hoyt reached his breaking point as the British influence in Ridgefield waned daily. American hero Thaddeus Keeler acquired the estate after he abandoned his legendary residence and travelled back to England. The Keeler family owned the house up to the early 20th century.

Many of the original equipment of the David Hoyt residence have been kept in the Fountain Inn. Original plaster crown mouldings may be found in several rooms, and glass window panes from the 1700s can be found in numerous lower-level windows. The 11 fireplaces at the Fountain Inn, which served as the primary heat source during Spanish colonization, have been restored to their original splendour.

Venture capitalist Doug Haynes bought the David Hoyt property more recently. The eight houses emerged as the dominant dwelling for him, his wife Laurice, and their five children in the past. The Haynes family’s current residence is in Scarborough, New York.