Former CEO at Natixis John Hailer Discusses Motivation in the Workplace

Ever wonder what motivates people who work in the same profession as you? You might think it’s just money but John Hailer, former chief executive officer at Natixis, offers a different perspective on what motivates people in a career. Mr. Hailer provides some fascinating insights into the motivation that drives individuals to achieve their best work and how one way to increase motivation is to recognize your faults.

John Hailer started working in the financial industry in 1983 and quickly rose through the ranks of an already-established bank to become chief executive officer of the firm in 1994. Mr. Hailer had experience managing a team of professionals who were passionate about competing with one another in an industry that – at the time – prided itself on pushing boundaries and raising the standards. These challenges were part of what drove Mr. Hailer to found Natixis in 1995.

Mr. Hailer believes that self-awareness is the key to driving your motivation and utilizing it during stressful situations. Some people use stress as a motivator, and Mr. Hailer wasn’t one of them. Understanding how you’re motivated is crucial in helping you achieve your goals, whether they be financial or otherwise. Knowing your weaknesses and strengths allows you to get the most out of yourself and those around you.

With over 30 years of experience working in financial institutions, John Hailer has seen a lot. He likes to think about the value of investments and how he would have invested his time differently if he had the option. Considering his career in the financial industry, Mr. Hailer noticed that one of the main differences between investments held by individuals and those held by institutions was regarding growth. Following this observation, Mr. Hailer advised investors to focus more on growth rather than a specific return for as long as it’s achievable.

John Hailer offers a unique perspective from his experience in the financial industry. His passion for investment is evident, and it’s easy to see why he was so successful in building Natixis into the firm it is today.