How Dave and Doug Vandergist Joined the Hotel Industry at Happy Joe’s Pizza and Ice Cream

Doug Vandergist and his brother Dave have been in the party and pizza business for a significant period. They began working at Happy Joe’s at 16 years old. Today, the CEO of this establishment, Tom Sacco, describes Doug and Dave as people he can bank on. Happy Joe’s is a pizza and ice cream parlor in Bettendorf, Iowa. 


It is a family business with a chain of restaurants established by Lawrence Joseph in 1972. It has subsidiaries in the southern and midwestern United States and the Middle East. According to Happy Joe’s american pizza parlor staff members, in the US, family ventures contribute to over 50% of the GDP and have employed over 63% of the total workforce. 


Good management, improved customer relations, and quality control make family businesses based in the restaurant world last long. Happy Joe’s has lasted for several years while retaining its customers. This firm hosts birthday parties and is well known for its taco pizza. 


The chains of this restaurant can be found in Wisconsin, North Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois and Missouri. In a recent interview, Dave says he joined Happy Joe’s because one of his friends had a brother who was a manager at one of the restaurants. After a couple of years, Dave was appointed as an assistant manager and hired Doug to work in the restaurant. 


Dave also says the flexibility to work with everybody made him successful while working at Happy Joe’s. He believes a restaurant business can be profitable and successful if customers are treated right. If you’re looking for a delicious pizza to please everyone, try one of these classic combos: pepperoni and cheese, sausage and peppers, or even plain cheese. Happy Joe’s has the perfect combination for all kinds of personalized tastes.