Margie Hauser Collaborates On Music Projects With Various Artists

Margie Hauser is a freelance musician from the United States. She has collaborated with artists on music projects. Her musical career started in New York, and she has since been involved in different projects in various states, including Florida, New York, California, and England. As a result of her extensive experience in the creative arts industry, she can provide advice on making music videos as well as marketing them online.


Margie Hauser follows various music genres, and her style changes from project to project. In one project, she collaborated with artists to produce an unexpected movie trailer composed of music videos. Margie Hauser enjoys working on diverse jazz, classical, and country music projects. With each project she undertakes, she can collaborate with different artists.

The collaboration process can be challenging, especially when there is no agreement on what should be done. One method Hauser uses to ensure that projects are successful is keeping in touch with other artists working on the same project. She also suggests that having a production manager manage the flow of work improves efficiency and quality.

Nurturing New Talent

Margie Hauser has also participated in popular new talent shows like American Idol. This is one of the shows that helped her build her reputation as a musician. She says being involved in these sorts of TV shows is a great way to collaborate with other artists and get exposure for your music. She advises that before you enter the competition, you should have a solid portfolio of work so that your professional profile does not go unnoticed.

Hauser has worked on different music projects, and each one brought new experiences as well as challenges. She learned more about marketing music videos when she worked with other producers who specialized in making collaborative music videos.