Philip Belamant's Steps with Zilch

Philip Belamant is among the founders and the current CEO of Zilch, a globally recognized Buy Now Pay Later service (BNPL). The buy now pays numerous retailers who have adopted later services to woo customers and consequently multiply their profits. The transactions are mainly virtual, and it’s unique in that unlike other Buy Now Pay Later benefits, you will be given a virtual Zilch card. Belamant has made significant steps with Zilch by establishing its offices in the USA, which this article seeks to address.

Consumers’ demand for digital products has increased, making the transaction processes more accessible and faster. Naught has been pivotal in these processes that have seen Fintechs grow exponentially. This positive trajectory can be attributed to the BNPL’s expansion and consumers’ preference over other well-established payment methods. Several studies indicate that BNPL will take up about a quarter of online retail sales in the next half a decade.

When using Zilch, you pay an underpayment of 25% of the retail price and the balance you pay weekly in 6 weeks, delivering 25 % each week. Many people have embraced this form of payment, keeping in mind that they must pay the due amount before the due date to keep a good credit score. If you fail to beat the deadline, Zilch reports you to the credit reference authority, Equifax, an act that can tarnish your credit score.

Nobody wants to be flagged as a defaulter since you might need money from another company or Zilch and becomes unsuccessful. If you cannot meet the deadline, contact Zilch’s support team for a time extension. In efforts to expand Zilch’s market base, Philip Belamant and his team on May launched their products in the US, targeting about a 125million consumers in the country.

This company has been attracting numerous people spanning an average of 250,000 every month. Zilch has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing fintech businesses, and its partnership with other fintech firms through Philip Belamant has contributed to its success.