Roy Beck’s Professional Accomplishments


NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation’s CEO, President, and Founder is Roy Beck. He holds a college degree from the School of Journalism at the University of Missouri. In the 1960s, he was one of the first environmental journalists in the country. For more than twenty years, Roy Beck was a newspaper journalist. He won numerous reporting awards for his work in religion, business, and the environment.

In 1991, Roy Beck pursued full-time U.S. population and immigration policy analysis. He authored four books on topics related to his reporting, such as immigration, ethics, and public policy. He also worked with other writers to study urban sprawl and authored many newspaper, magazine, and journal articles.

In 1996, he created NumbersUSA in response to recommendations from Representative Barbara Jordan and former Senator Tim Wirth. Both politicians headed national bi-partisan congressional and presidential commissions, respectively, about immigration.

Encyclopedia Britannica selected one of his articles for its Annals of America as a significant example of 1990s writing. It focused on the problems of too many immigrants in a small city and appeared in the Atlantic Monthly. He has also made numerous public appearances on radio, TV, and conference panels.

In 1972, Roy Beck received a non-combat service Commendation Medal from the United States Army. He has an impressive array of volunteer services. These range from operating clothing charities for children in inner-city Dallas to teaching Sunday School in Methodist churches in Virginia, Texas, and Ohio.

His volunteer activities also reflect his interest in immigration. In Arlington, Virginia, he has helped immigrants and others living in poverty with transportation and food. He developed a new interest that combined helping teenagers and the elderly. Beginning in 1990, Roy Beck has coordinated a yearly one-week Habitat for Humanity retreat for teenagers focused on assisting low-income elderly repair their homes. See this page for additional information.


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