Ryan Bishti: The Man Behind Cirque le Soir

Ryan Bishti: The Man Behind Cirque le Soir

Ryan Bishti is the man with the plan. As Chief Executive Officer at Cirque le Soir, his role is to think strategically and manage the day-to-day operations of this thriving business. A graduate in Business Management from LOUGH, he has worked alongside his brother since they opened the venue in 2014. Cirque le Soir is an award-winning cabaret nightclub that combines a circus experience with burlesque dancing, aerialists, comedy, and circus. The club currently features three shows on most nights: V^ENDERMONDE, SINGULARITY, and ALTER EGO. Each show is performed several times every week by new artists invited to audition monthly.

What does being a CEO at Cirque le Soir mean?

The work of a CEO is varied and dynamic, requiring a wide range of skills to be successful in this role. The primary function of the CEO is to lead organizational growth to maximize shareholder value. In a smaller organization like Cirque le Soir, this involves inspiring and motivating the team to achieve a shared vision by developing profitable partnerships, implementing a marketing strategy, and leading customer feedback/sales analysis.

The CEO also has a fiduciary responsibility to manage resources within the organization sustainably. This includes operating budgets, human resources, and financial resources to ensure that the organization meets its financial targets. Some of the other responsibilities of a CEO may consist of designing and implementing the organizational structure, managing regulatory compliance, monitoring the organization’s risk profile, and safeguarding the organization’s reputation. It is challenging work, but it is rewarding to see the business grow and know that you contribute to a sustainable future for the organization.

How did you and your brother come to own and operate Cirque le Soir?

In 2012, my brother and I managed a nightclub in Central London. We were passionate about bringing burlesque back to London, so we asked one of our favorite burlesque performers, Miss Pepper Vine, to perform at our nightclub. Her show was a huge success, so we decided to book her again for a one-off show in a larger theatre space.

What is your role as CEO of Cirque le Soir?

As CEO of Cirque le Soir, my role is to provide strategic direction for the team and ensure that we are growing the business. This is done by managing the day-to-day operations, ensuring that the team has the resources they need to be successful, and working with the team to identify new areas for growth.