The Arena Group Acquires Parade Magazine under Ross Levinsohn’s Watch

Ross Levinsohn Throughout Ross Levinohn’s extended career, he has stood at the forefront of innovation in the media industry. Recently, he has served as the Sports Illustrated CEO, working under The Arena Group as its parent company. Levinsohn, who is also CEO of the parent company, has taken this media giant to a higher level with its acquisition of Parade. This is a cash and stock transaction valued at $16 million. Through The Arena Group’s acquisition of Parade, it has gained both print and digital rights to the magazine’s content. More than that, it has expanded its reach to Parade’s 54 million monthly U.S. consumers. This brings The Arena Group’s unique visitor count to 121.9 million per month.

Parade is just one of several notable brands that are in The Arena Group’s lifestyle vertical. In addition to also steering content at Sports Illustrated, The Arena Group is in charge of The Street. Levinsohn has a long-standing history of innovating change for the brands he works with. For example, at The Street, he devised a special paywall that monetized the brand’s expansion into the cryptocurrency world. As the Sports Illustrated CEO, Levinsohn spearheaded the introduction of a premium online paywall. This paywall enables the brand to draw more revenue from content by offering it as early release to premium-level subscribers.

The Arena Group, which was originally The Maven, Inc. before it was rebranded by Ross Levinsohn, has been publicly traded since February 9, 2022. In addition to having a growing lifestyle vertical, The Arena Group focuses on finance and sports verticals. At the same time, it takes pride in the high quality of its journalism. Other brands covered by The Arena Group are Athlon Sports, Spry Living, Relish, Maxim, and HubPages.

Prior to being active as CEO at The Arena Group and Sports Illustrated, Levinsohn’s 40-year career has included notable service in high-ranking executive positions for numerous leading corporations. A few of these elite businesses have included Yahoo!, Whisper Advisors, Guggenheim Digital Media, CBS Sportsline and many others.


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