The Success Story Of Kfir Gavrieli



Kfir Gavrieli is the founder and CEO of Tieks which is by far one of the world’s fashions brands that is web-oriented. Tieks is well known to distribute a line of one of the most exclusive brands of ballet flats for women. These flats are well-renowned especially because of their great quality, portability and comfort.

Of great interest to note is the fact that Tieks has been making a global name for themselves, because they have been able to make sells exclusively through websites. The company has been doing the latter for quite a while now; since the year 2010. By so doing, Tieks has managed to sell quite a number of easily-foldable Italian flats. Today, the Tieks fashion brand is by far one of the very best in the entire world.

How Kfir Gavrieli started a charitable foundation to help women

Kfir’s determination was never; throughout his journey, was never just to launch a successful product and brand in the market. He always dreamed far much above that. Kfir Gavrieli wanted to make an impact through charitable actions. It is because of this, that Kfir was able to start the Gavrieli Foundation that was mostly interested with helping women become more and more successful.

Together with direct support from KIVA, the Gavrieli Foundation has been able to do so much to make investments on women empowerment and development in the communities. KIVA is actually an online platform that is often able to provide loans to women who are aspiring to be entrepreneurs, but are living in very dire poor conditions. The Gavrieli Foundation has by far become one of the largest lenders through KIVA. The foundation has also been able to support and offer about $10,000,000 to women through the microloans that are being given in a bid to help the women develop and become more financially dependent. Read this page for more information.


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