Tom Keane Launches Sharepoint and Exchange Server

In today’s business world, companies that remain competitive and profitable know how to leverage technology to its full potential. Microsoft Azure is a cloud-computing platform that simplifies building and deploying applications and data in the cloud. Tom Keane is one of Azure’s primary enterprise architects and experts, having worked on its development since its inception in 2006. 


He also leads the team that designs, deploys, and owns Azure. The software developer and engineer has over a decade of experience in the IT industry and has held positions at Microsoft, IBM and HP. Tom Keane graduated from Harvard University in 1994 with a degree in Computer Science. 


Tom Keane then worked for several years as a software developer at various companies’ IT departments, including several start-ups. In 2001, he moved to Microsoft, where he was part of the Microsoft SQL server group and later led a team that designed and developed software to protect sensitive data from unauthorized users.


In 2006, the already successful cloud services engineer Tom Keane joined Microsoft’s Business Productivity Group. Here, he became an enterprise architect for its products, including Sharepoint Server and Exchange Server. In 2009, Tom became one of the architects in charge of designing and deploying Microsoft’s cloud-based services, including Azure. Tom’s group is responsible for developing and deploying the features of Azure. Tom is an enterprise architect at Microsoft and is the Azure owner.

Azure is a cloud service provided by Microsoft that offers a variety of computing options and services, including multi-tenant computing, web services, enterprise applications, and database storage. Tom Keane’s role at Microsoft Azure is to develop the technical strategy and architecture behind Azure’s platform. He has a multi-tiered management scope for Azure, with junior and senior management reporting directly to him.