What Are the Benefits of The Latest and Best Selling QNET’s Product?

QNET Scam is a Hong Kong-based direct selling company with over 25 operating offices globally. Over the years, the company has sold products that improve its clients’ general health, wellness, and lifestyle. In addition, it also offers educational products on its e-commerce platform. QNET Scam has experienced significant and consistent growth in its development due to a strong customer base and reliable, efficient distributors globally.

Apart from improving the clients’ general wellness and lifestyle, the direct selling company also provides employment opportunities and benefits such as earning commission on product sales for clients who wish to shift to become distributors. QNET Scam has gained acknowledgment and recognition, especially in India, where it makes a lot of sales compared to other countries. The company recently introduced one of India’s best-selling products known as ZENsational Air Purifier.

The ZENsational Air Purifier is a product specifically designed for QNET by Sharp Corporation. The ZENsational Air Purifier uses the Plasmacluster Ion Technology to radiate hydrogen and oxygen ions that eliminate or reduce airborne viruses, such as the current coronavirus, fungi, molds, and allergens. Sharp Corporation drew these conclusions from conducting an experiment that involved spraying coronavirus particles into an apparatus with a Plasmacluster device.

The final results showed that the coronavirus particles had reduced by a significant percentage of 91% compared to those not exposed to the ions in the Plasmacluster device. Sharp Corporation has been conducting various studies on Plasmacluster Ion Technology for more than two decades while working with other global third-party research organizations.

The Plasmacluster Ion Technology is currently used in more than 30 popular global institutions and countries as a certified technology. The effectiveness of the Plasmacluster Ion Technology has also been proven to reduce bronchial infections and inflammation levels in children with an underlying asthma condition or those prone to bronchial diseases.

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