Yves Mirabaud Great Achievements During The COVID 19 Pandemic

Yves Mirabaud is one of Mirabaud Group’s managing partners who never gave up no matter the challenges that affected the bank. Yves Mirabaud’s incredible dedication and commitment helped MG extend to other markets and achieve its goals. Yves was appointed as Mirabaud’s Senior Manager in 2012 and still holds this position to date. He is also a Chairman of two Mirabaud Group branches. He noted many achievements in the financial sector during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Yves Mirabaud appreciates 2018 and 2019 for favoring the bank with many business activities. He also noted that 2020 was good but worsened due to the unexpected COVID 19 Pandemic. Many businesses were closed, and others decreased their operations. The Pandemic affected all the economic sectors, where many entrepreneurs experienced huge losses. Only a few companies grew and boomed their business operations.

Mirabaud Group was among the organizations that encountered great favors and performed well during the pandemic. Yves noted that since its 200 years of operations, 2020 was its most productive year. He pointed out that 2020 appeared to have reduced economic activities compared with the past two years. He also admitted that many customers canceled their deals.

Mirabaud Group is working towards strengthening its already running investments in South America and the Middle East. Yves Mirabaud said they had raised one billion US Dollars to achieve the plan. He revealed their plan to launch a new management platform. Yves also noted that they have been working on this project for 30 years.

Yves Mirabaud appreciated the management and stressed that it will always offer the best services and significantly boost the organization’s productivity. Yves noted that MG plans to prioritize investing more resources towards enhancing technology to stay afloat and win more clients in the long run. Yves has shown incredible leadership and management skills and is a voice to be reckoned with. See this page for additional information.


More about Mirabaud on https://www.abps.ch/en/members/mirabaud-cie-sa/