Greycoat: Legal Victory Over Japanese Knotweed Infestation Highlights the Importance of Full Disclosure

According to Property Industry Eye, Busby plans to sue the former owners of their property for a hidden Japanese knotweed infestation at the time of the whole property purchase.  This case shows that Greycoat Real Estate strongly supports openness in real estate deals. The cost of Firth Lodge in Auchendinny, Midlothian, to Donnelly and Busby in 2021 was about £602,000.

Japanese knotweed, a plant with roots that hurt things and high cleanup costs, was not in the property’s selling brochure. Kim and Mark Blair, the buyers, knew about the knotweed but did not do anything to get rid of it. According to Greycoat, they did not tell anyone about this, which led to the lawsuit.

Sheriff Christopher Dickson agreed with the buyers and said that much Japanese knotweed can ruin a house. Before this decision, in 2019, a homeowner was given £50,000 in damages for a similar case.  Real estate company Greycoat thinks this case has important lessons for both buyers and sellers.

Full disclosure of a property’s health, including problems with bugs and the structure, is required by law and a key part of trust and honesty in real estate. As a buyer, Greycoat suggests, you should demand thorough checks and disclosures, and as a seller, you should be honest about any problems to avoid legal trouble.

This show also shows how important it is to have accurate property inspections and have real estate agents check property descriptions. All around the world, as the real estate market grows, honesty and openness are important to build trust and protect everyone involved in a deal. Greycoat Real Estate upholds these standards by being honest and thorough in every deal. Check out our services and our mission to do the best.