Randy Douthit: Everyone Should Have A Career Based On What They Love Doing

Randy Douthit While still in school, Randy Douthit got his start in local television. After spending time on local TV, Douthit moved to a cable network. This particular network wanted to change news broadcasting forever. The cable network was CNN, and Douthit was there from the start. He was the original producer of the popular program called Crossfire.

Randy Douthit went on to produce many popular shows, including Judge Joe Brown, Jenny Jones, and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It is the 25 years of producing Judge Judy that stands out on his resume. The Emmy award-winning show began in 1996 and ended on July 23, 2021. That was not the end of the Douthit and Judy Sheindlin partnership.

After wrapping up Judge Judy, Douthit dove into Sheindling’s new show, Judy Justice. They had three months to shoot 120 episodes. Under normal circumstances, that is a lot of shows to get done. Douthit was not working under normal circumstances this time. The pandemic was at its peak at this time, making things even more difficult.

Randy Douthit Douthit admits that shooting during a pandemic was hard. He explains there was the additional cost of testing and safety procedures. It took time for the crew to get used to the safety measures in place, according to Douhit. Also, there was no studio audience, and the show would use videoconferencing platforms to help keep everyone safe. COVID-19 did not slow production, and the first season started airing in 2021. The show did so well that there will be a second season.