Why Amy’s Kitchen Products are a Cut Above the Competition

Amy’s KitchenAmy’s Kitchen is a food manufacturing company based out of Petaluma, California. They offer a variety of non-GMO and organic frozen and convenient food products. As a family-owned business, they are able to concentrate on doing what is best for their customers, employees, and the planet without having to worry about pleasing shareholders. This has allowed them to produce superior products that have a reputation for quality.

Food Offers

Amy’s has a large variety of food products for customers to enjoy. Here is a quick look at some of these foods and the categories they fall into:

Burritos and Wraps

Cheddar Cheese Burrito with Beans and Rice

Organic Black Bean and Cheese Burrito

Bean and Rice Burrito Non-Dairy


Vegetable Lasagna

Pad Thai

Macaroni and Cheese


Cheese Pizza

Roasted Vegetable No-Cheese Pizza

Vegan Supreme Pizza



Cream of Tomato

Lentil Vegetable


Amy’s Kitchen was started by a couple named Andy and Rachel Berliner in 1987. When Rachel was pregnant, Andy couldn’t find any food for her that was organic but also tasted good. This problem led them to recruit several family members to create their own organic food business. When their new daughter Amy was born, they named the business after her.

Renewable Energy

Amy’s KitchenIn addition to its commitment to organic non-GMO foods, Amy’s is also committed to renewable energy. Recently Amy’s has worked out a deal with Ørsted’s Sunflower Wind Farm and will power roughly 30% of their business using this form of renewable energy. This was done as a part of Wal-Mart’s renewable energy program called the “Gigaton Power Purchase Agreement” with the goal of reducing one ton of emissions from Wal-Mart’s supply chain by 2030.

Favorite Among Vegans

Vegans love Amy’s Kitchen for its focus on non-GMO organic foods and renewable energy. Without the pressures of having to focus on quarterly profits like publically owned businesses, they have been able to meet the needs of their customers by providing healthy meals that are affordable and taste great.