Grammy Nominee Margie Hauser Discusses The Music Industry

Margie Hauser, the Grammy-nominated singer, and songwriter discusses the current situation in the music industry.

As is known to many people by now, the music industry as we know it has changed tremendously over the past few years due to digitalization. Margie Hauser, the Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter agrees that times have changed. She says that streaming allows artists to put their songs on a platform other than iTunes which takes away some of their control and makes it easier for listeners to find songs they want to listen to. Streaming also benefits smaller artists because they are not competing against mega stars with substantial marketing budgets.

Another change that has been in the making for many years is introducing music streaming services to the music industry. While it may have taken a long time to come about, Hauser says that she has never heard anyone complain about being unable to access their favorite songs. She also feels that people today don’t realize how much artists are getting from these services and how much they lose from illegal downloading, an entertainment crime.

Hauser notes that not everyone will be happy with changes and that there will always be a backlash against anything new, but states that one cannot ignore progress simply because it isn’t what they’re used to. She believes that people will get used to streaming eventually and that getting over the initial hump will be easier than ever due to the diversity of music available.

Margie Hauser also describes her recent tour with Josh Groban. She says she had never been on tour before, but it was an excellent experience for both sides because Josh was open-minded and willing to learn from her. She states that many artists need more than just talent when performing live and notes that Josh has this in significant quantities. The duo enjoyed themselves so much that they decided to work together again in the future.

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