Krishen Iyer: A Visionary Entrepreneur in the World of Marketing and Consulting


Krishen Iyer stands out in marketing and consulting for his extraordinary talents and forward-thinking strategies. The digital marketing expert has created a tremendous reputation as an entrepreneur through the years, and his influence can be seen throughout the companies he has helped found.


Krishen Iyer started the business by earning a Public Administration and Urban Development degree from San Diego State University in California. With his education behind him, he launched his professional life with an emphasis on client interactions, marketing, and consulting.


Serial entrepreneur and business leader Krishen Iyer’s drive and entrepreneurial determination have seen him start several highly regarded businesses. He is most proud of starting Managed Benefits Services, a consulting and marketing firm specializing in the health insurance industry. The business flourished and expanded greatly while he was in charge.


Krishen Iyer saw the potential of digital marketing to revolutionize firms as internet capabilities expanded fast. With this goal in mind, he established Name My Premium, a digital marketing organization that offers consultation and lead generation services. The agency’s popularity proliferated, drawing in customers looking to increase their internet visibility and clientele.


Krishen Iyer has co-founded Mais Consulting, a specialized consulting firm offering clients in various industries bespoke solutions. The company aims to help other firms succeed in today’s fast-paced market by providing them with data-driven strategies, streamlined procedures, and cutting-edge marketing approaches.

Krishen Iyer is well-known as a marketing expert and consultant with a keen eye for the future. Dedicated to innovation and the success of his clients, he is constantly seeking out new possibilities in the dynamic business world.