Nick Millican: Exposing Londoners To New Housing Options

Experienced real estate professional Nick Millican is helping a growing number of London residents to improve their quality of life, while saving lots of money. The real estate agent has shown them they can enjoy life more if they move to one of the communities just outside of London. 


Whether it’s Lynden, Kent, Hythe, or Dover, many Londoners are just beginning to realize that for the price they are paying to rent a home in London, they can buy a much bigger one outside the city as Nick Millican informs. Many older people who once enjoyed the London nightlife, are beginning to realize country life is much more affordable.


More For Less


Nick Millican has taught his clients living in London they can get a bigger, nicer home for their money if they move out of the city. Many Londoners are often pleasantly surprised at the beauty of the now regenerated seaside towns like East Kent. They love it’s nice artsy vibe, gardens and great views. 


Places like Lynden Hills have four-bedroom homes for the price of a two-bedroom home in London. Most people who follow Nick Millican’s advice about moving outside of London are glad they did (Twitter).


Sowing The Seed 


Real estate agent Nick Millican sowed the seed of this new migration by encouraging Londoners to visit homes in other areas. Places where they can find nice pubs to have lunch, but also have lovely gardens and strolls on the beach or the bucolic countryside. Plus, they can easily ride the train into London to visit old friends.