Ron Gutman Concerning Worldwide Healthcare

Ron Gutman is a doctor and author. He has written a book titled “You: The Owner’s Manual,” published in over twenty languages, and is the best-selling book of its kind. Dr. Ron Gutman is primarily recognized for his work on humanizing medicine, teaching patients about their bodies, and giving them the means to operate them more efficiently.


The healthcare expert believes that medicine often has to come off as overly complicated due to billions of dollars invested in medical research. Ron Gutman explains that this leaves new doctors needing more time to learn about each topic in depth. He often draws on his medical experience when writing “You: The Owner’s Manual “. 


In the book, Ron Gutman addresses each of the human body’s systems and explains how they are connected to every other system in an easy-to-understand manner. For example, he teaches readers about proper nutrition, vitamins, minerals, exercise, sleep, and stress through a patient-driven approach. 


In Chapter Seven (Who Are Medical Providers? Which Professionals Serve Which Specialty?). The business and healthcare expert looks at the history of medicine from the sixteenth century to modern times and explains how these changes have affected worldwide healthcare. In this chapter, Ron Gutman also provides a case study of an Italian family’s experience with their son’s health issues before he underwent surgery for a heart condition.