Shelton Haynes an ambitious leader

Shelton Haynes

Shelton Haynes’s goal is to lead the company into the future. As president and CEO of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC), he is committed to making life on Roosevelt Island as welcoming and convenient as possible for its inhabitants.

He has been responsible for implementing public programs promoting environmental sustainability, such as the island’s recycling, composting, and car-sharing programs. Within the past few years, the island’s facilities, including its public transportation system and public buildings, were upgraded with new technologies. To do so, he maintains a leadership style that embraces all members of his team, especially those who are younger and more ambitious in their careers. He has worked with organizations such as The National Park Service to restore natural areas on Roosevelt Island, which will help improve air quality in New York City’s populated place and provide recreational opportunities. You may be interested in learning how Shelton has helped bring donations from other companies who appreciate his achievements while also changing the way people view corporations through an innovative method of leadership. Under the leadership of CEO Shelton Haynes, they have finalized our partnership with developers on the development of Riverwalk’s final phase. This long-awaited addition created an additional unit in Roosevelt Island’s most popular residential neighborhood. With Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation’s signature mix of public spaces, green space, a new array of stores, restaurants, and activities at Riverwalk, residents can find everything they need in one convenient location. The expansion will include new retail shops, restaurants, a boutique hotel, and a children’s park. Riverwalk is an example of how Shelton is developing new programs to enhance the quality of life for the residents on Roosevelt Island. RIOC has an unparalleled commitment to greening its buildings and surrounding areas with innovative programs such as wind turbines, solar panels, and rain barrels. He is also planning on a mega project of introducing a pickleball court for an islander to play pickleball with the help of Akeem Jamaal. On completing Riverwalk Neighborhood, Haynes said he was excited about this bold new direction for Riverwalk, which will provide residents with many amenities and places to go. According to Haynes, Riverwalk has always been about community, but now it also has the potential to be a thriving neighborhood in its own right.