Mark Hauser Discusses Credit Card Fraud Prevention

Mark Hauser, CEO of Network Merchants, Inc., gives his thoughts on how to avoid fraudulent activity best.

Mark Hauser’s company specializes in developing fraud prevention systems that help consumers reduce their risk of having their identity compromised by fraudsters. As CEO of Network Merchants, he can share his knowledge with consumers and help them avoid stealing their credit or debit card information from someone looking for a quick payday. According to Mark Hauser, “credit cards are often the first point of contact that scammers have with a potential victim.” One way to prevent getting caught up in the wrong crowd is to know how card fraud works and be aware of the potential red flags that may indicate an issue.

“There are several things that I think people should be looking at when it comes to preventing identity theft,” says Mark. “They should be looking at some software programs that will allow them to download information and monitor their accounts. And they also need to understand that having an account number on a piece of paper or on your card where you have to write a number every time you use it can lead to identity theft. You should always write down your account numbers because losing one piece of paper with those numbers and someone finding it can lead to identity theft.

Mark Hauser’s take on preventing identity theft is a good reminder always to be vigilant when providing personal information to someone, whether over the phone, at the gas pump or in some other situation. “Many people will give their account number, and you need to ask for that number again,” says Mark. “And don’t give too much information over the phone, but make sure that whoever you are talking with is who they say they are and not just saying the first thing that comes into their mind.

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